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Meditation is the art of spiritual healing. It is a scientifically proven science for healing various ailments whether physical, physiological or psychological. The medical science today explains that majority of the ailments caused to the mankind are psycho - somatic meaning that it has a psychic or mental and somatic or physical component. The ripples in the sub - consciousness due to the higher levels of stress manifest some kind of physical illness. So the principle of treatment lies in ruling out the cause by the method of different kinds of meditation techniques


Chakras, meaning wheels are the energy centers in the human body. There are seven major charkas in the body that varies in their physical and spiritual properties. In this method of meditation the body relaxation is done in 3 different stages by observing the body in parts and relaxing them simultaneously. Chanting of certain sounds helps to assist the relaxation.

Relaxation of the lower limb

Inhale and observe and simultaneously give a command to relax the different parts of the lower limbs starting from the toes, ankles, calves, knee joints, the muscles of the thighs and the glutei muscles. Once this is completed, inhale deeply and while exhaling one has to chant "A" loudly and feel the reverberations of these vibrations along the lower limbs. These vibrations originate from the navel and ascend up along the midline to end at the base of the thorax.

Relaxation of the trunk and upper limbs

The same way you relax the lower part take your visualization to the waist, abdomen, chest, shoulder, upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and all the fingers. On completion consider them as a single unit and relax them by chanting a sound "U" on exhalation and feel the reflection of these vibrations along these regions. These vibrations start from the base of the chest and ascend up to end at the throat.

Relaxation of the head and neck

Observe the neck muscles, facial muscles, muscles around the eyes, nose, ears, forehead, and scalp and relax them. To enhance the relaxation chant "Mmm" and feel the vibrations in these regions. These vibrations start from the throat chakra and ascend up to end at the area in between the eyebrows.

Finally one has to have a whole body in visualization and to relax the body try chanting "AUM" and feel the vibrations starting from the naval, ascending up through the midline to end at the area in between the eyebrows.

Stage of resolution

Observe your mind passively, try to analyze the thoughts, and find out the time gap between two individual thoughts by identifying and separating them. Slowly expand the gap to get the silenced state or aloofness of the mind. Now place any objects at the center of your mind and focus your consciousness toward the object. Make the grosser object to subtler and subtler till finally it disappears from the field. Meditate on this emptiness or vacuum that is created in the field of consciousness. In this state, go for the resolve, a simple short and sweet positive thought or resolution to be mentally chanted 9 times shearing through the inner silence, forming the only sound in your mind which is embedded into your core of existence.


Slowly observe the mind, thoughts, breath, and the physical body one by one. Give minor movements to the toes and fingers. Tilt the head on either side. And slowly turn to the right side and feel the linear awareness on the right side for a while. Now slowly come to sitting position and relax the muscles of the eyes by placing the hollow of the palms covering the eyes. Open the eyes and relax.



"AUM" is considered as the primordial sound that was formed in the Universe. Its is believed to be formed by three different letters namely; "A", "U" and "M". These letters represent the three periods of time; past, present and future, three state of consciousness of the human being; "A" comes from the belly and stands for the Awakening State, "U" comes from the chest and stands for the Dreaming State and "M" comes from the throat and stands for the Deep Sleep State.