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The hustle and bustle of modern life creates a powerful assault on the senses. Forces beyond your control in daily life can break the vital connection between body and mind that should exist in all healthy beings. Quite simply, LaSource is a holiday of putting you back together again at your own pace and pleasure. There is no such thing as a regimen, but we can guide you with a personalized programme of activities to help you discover the wonderful feeling of total rejuvenation that comes from a body and mind in perfect sync. It all happens in a place of extraordinary tropical beauty on perfect Pink Gin Beach where festive camaraderie reigns supreme. This is the Ultimate Head Rest, and amazingly it’s all included.


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My speciality services

Lifestyle Consultation

The food you eat should nourish your mind, not the body. A general, medical and personal history using conventional modes of diagnosis. Iridology, facial diagnosis, and counseling are given on health and dietetics based on the nutrient requirements and various food combinations. Home remedies will be prescribed for re-current ailments.

Personalized Yoga 

A series of medicinal and   therapeutic   Yoga   practices and theoretical sessions on Asanas (physical postures), Pranayama (Breath control), and relaxation techniques.  Feel the subtler state of your mind through a self- hypnotizing practice called Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT). 


A traditional Chinese art of healing, based on the concept of Meridians.  In Acupressure, finger pressure is applied directly over the skin on selected Acupoints, to stimulate and ensure the free flow of the Meridian energy. Simultaneously friction is carried out to relax the muscles to provide relief for psychosomatic ailments such as stress-induced headaches, spasmodic pains on the back and spinal adjustment techniques to relieve stress. Acupuncture involves pricking the selected points by the needles and stimulating them manually or by electric means.

Soon to Come at LaSource.... Stay tuned!!!

Ayurveda Panchakarma

Ayurveda, defined as “the knowledge of life”, is a philosophy from the first century that reveres the power of nature tempered by wisdom as the path to enlightenment, health and beauty. It is the combined essence derived from the Indian visions and experiences of many Indian legends, deeply involved in classic Ayurvedic research works and developed as a time tested preventive and palliative care since the history begins.  It deals with the methodology to maintain the positive health.  In Ayurveda it is believed that all tangible life forms contain five essential elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These five elements manifest in the body as “Doshas”: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The predominant mind-body constitution can be assessed using “Dosha Analysis”. Knowledge of one’s Dosha dictate the kind of products to be used, amount of pressure, and style of touch that will best serve the person. Ayurveda understand a person in his totality, i.e.: considers all aspect of him like body constitution, behavior, likes and dislikes etc.

We offer many of the Ayurveda treatments too in our Ayurveda department. I am trying to revive more classical ayurveda treatments suiting the spa needs and standards.

  • Ayurvedic full body massage
  • Ayurveda synchronized massage
  • Udwarthanam
  • Mukha Lepam
  • Prana Breathe

Pinda Sweda - Kizhi(Bolus Massage)

  • Ela Kizhi                       - Bolus with leaves
  • Podi Kizhi                     - Bolus with herbal powder
  • Njavara Kizhi               - Bolus with cooked rice
  • Jambeera Pinda swedam   - Bolus with lemon
  • Thina Kizhi                   - Bolus with cooked Thina


  • Shiro dhara              - Dhara with Oil
  • Ksheera Dhara       - Dhara with medicated milk
  • Dhanyamla Dhara  - Dhara with herbal concoction
  • Thakra Dhara         - Dhara with medicated yogurt


  • Shiro Vasthi
  • Uro Vasthi
  • Kati Vasthi

Netra Karmas

  • Tarpanam with Netra Dhara



  • Njavara Lepam
  • Siro Lepam
  •    Prevention is better than Cure A complete Holistic and Rejuvenation Experience as a Preventive measure includes all these four treatments and last for 3hrs.  


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